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indian rhino vs white rhino
Rhinoceros Poaching: Humane Society International.
At around 20000, the southern white rhino is most numerous, with the vast majority living in South Africa. Although habitat loss is an important consideration, the main threat to rhinos is poaching. Rhino horn is a highly valued component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, practiced in China, Vietnam and other parts of East Asia.
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A Critically Endangered Species: Rhinos The Rhino Orphanage.
The Javan and Sumatran rhino are critically endangered and the bigger one-horned or Indian rhino is classified as vulnerable. In 2011 a subspecies of the Javan rhino was declared extinct in Vietnam. The White and the Black Rhino. The two African species, the White rhino and the Black rhino, once were thought to be extinct but could be rescued in the last decades by successful conservation programs.
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Rhino populations Rhino Facts Save the Rhino International.
The white rhino recovered from near extinction with numbers as low as 50-100 left in the wild in the early 1900s, this sub-species of rhino has now increased to between 19666, and 21085, with the vast majority living in a single country, South Africa.
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The northern white rhino should not be brought back to life.
If plans to resurrect the extinct woolly mammoth via hybridisation with Indian elephants are possible, then a white rhino hybrid is not unachievable. Nevertheless, we are talking not about saving a subspecies from extinction, but resurrecting an extinct subspecies a much more challenging proposition.
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Hippopotamus vs Rhinoceros Difference and Comparison Diffen.
White rhino: Ranges from yellowish brown to slate grey. Indian Rhinoceros: Silver-brown. Javan rhino: Hazy grey skin. Black rhino: Similar in color to the white rhino. Sumatran rhino: Reddish brown. Contents: Hippopotamus vs Rhinoceros. 5 Skin and Hair. 12.1 Interesting links.
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15 Things You Might Not Know About Rhinos Mental Floss.
It remains a mystery how the white rhino got its name. RHINOS SAY MMWONK WHEN THEY'RE' HAPPY. Indian rhinos are known to make at least 10 distinct sounds, including honks used during head-to-head fights, bleats signaling submission, and moo-grunts used between mothers and calves.
Which is Your Favorite Rhino? Fight for Rhinos.
Indian or Greater one-horned Rhino. The largest is the Indian or Greater one-horned Rhino. Living in India and Nepal, they are the big guys in the Asian group, rivaling only the White Rhino for size; about 2 meters high and weighing in at 1800 to 2700 kg.
5 Species of Rhino.
There are five species of rhino: white rhino, black rhino, Sumatran rhino, greater one horned rhino or Indian rhino and Javan rhino. Due to the demand for rhino horn from Asian countries including Vietnam and China driving an unprecedented level of rhino poaching and loss of rhino habitat, all rhinoceros are facing the very real possibility of extinction, with the black, Sumatran and Javan rhinos listed as critically endangered by the IUCN.
Basic Facts About Rhinoceroses Defenders of Wildlife.
No animals remain in the wild, and with only 5 left in captivity, this subspecies faces certain extinction. Only the southern white rhino will remain. Sumatran Rhino Dicerorhinus sumatrensis: 140 210. Javan Rhino Rhinoceros sondaicus: 35 45. Indian Rhino Rhinoceros unicornis: 3624.,
Fascinating rhino facts for kids National Geographic Kids.
1 Our planet is home to five species of rhinoceros the black rhino and the white rhino, which live in Africa, and the Sumatran, Javan and Indian or greater one-horned rhino, which inhabit the tropical forests and swamps of Asia.
White Rhinoceros vs Indian Rhinoceros Animalia Enthusiasts.
Post by Cr1TiKaL on Nov 29, 2013 165705: GMT 5. White Rhino easily. The Indian Rhino's' horn is short and not very useful against an opponent that is bigger than it. White Rhinoceros vs Indian Rhinoceros Nov 29, 2013 171745: GMT 5.
Indian Rhinoceros National Geographic. Asset 5. arrow-down. arrow-left. arrow-right. arrow-up. articleAsset 31. Asset 2. Asset 7. Asset 6. Asset 7. Asset 15. Asset 16. cartAsset 51. cart-filledAsset 5
An Indian rhino can move very quickly when aroused. Their charges have been clocked at 30 miles an hour. Despite their bulk, they are nimble and can jump or change direction quickly. The Indian rhino is a grazer that travels established, tunnel-like paths through its tall-grass habitat.

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