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black and white rhino
The Difference Between Black White Rhinos Ecology Global Network.
The term white rhino is actually a mistranslation; the Dutch settlers in South Africa initially called them Weid mond rhino, meaning Wide-mouth rhino. White and black rhinos are similar in color. The most notable difference between white and black rhinos are their mouths.
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Black rhino: 4880, / Southern white rhino: 20170, / Northern white rhino: 4 / Indian rhino: 2575, / Javan rhino: 35-45 / Sumatran rhino: 140-210. Herbivorous young woody stems, leaves and fruit, aquatic plants. Grassland plains, savannah woodland, in true tropical forests and in swamps.
Rhinoceros San Diego Zoo Animals Plants.
GENUS AND SPECIES: Diceros bicornis black rhino, Ceratotherium simum white rhino, Dicerorhinus sumatrensis Sumatran rhino, Rhinoceros unicornis greater one-horned rhino, Rhinoceros sondaicus Javan rhino. Ambassadors from another age: The rhinoceros looks as though it has lumbered into our time from some primeval era.
12 amazing rhino facts you might not know Discover Wildlife.
There are five extant species of rhino white and black found in Africa, Indian, Javan, and Sumatran found in southern Asia. The white rhino name likely derives from the Dutch word wijd meaning wide, which refers to the animals wide mouth, whilst the black rhino was so-named to distinguish it from the white rhino.
Northern white rhino Fauna Flora International.
FFI continues to work with Ol Pejeta to this day. Since assisting with the translocation of four northern white rhinos, we have provided ongoing technical and financial support to ensure that they, along with all the resident black rhinos and a small population of southern white rhinos, are well protected. Ol Pejeta is currently the only reserve in Africa conserving three rhino subspecies.
The Difference Between The White and Black Rhino Londolozi Blog.
A white rhino female weighs about 1, 700kg and the male about 2300, kg, compared with a black rhino which ranges between 800 1400, kg. The white rhino is substantially larger than the black and has a distinctive barrel-shaped body.
Rhinoceros African Wildlife Foundation.
Rhinos may look like prehistoric creatures, and they do date back millions of years to the Miocene era, but they are also mammals like us. There are two species of African rhinos, the white rhino and black rhino, and each is distinct in its own way.

Black rhino in South Africa between 1822 and 2014 animals. White rhino in South Africa between 17 396 and 19 369 animals. The following figures have been extracted from the IUCN African Rhino Specialist Group statement issued 09 March 2016.
Rhinoceros Diceros bicornis.
Man is the cause of the demise of the rhino. In the wild, the adult black or white rhino has no true natural predators and, despite its size and antagonistic reputation, it is extremely easy for man to kill. Sadly, black and white rhinos are under increasing threat as organised crime cartels target them for their horns.
Rhino fact files Rhino Conservation Botswana.
The population has recovered from fewer than 100 surviving individuals in 1895 to more than 20000, today, but around 95% of all rhinos poached in South Africa today are white rhinos. SIZE COMPARISON: BLACK AND WHITE RHINO. Black and white rhino populations 19602007.
Rhino Facts The Rhino Orphanage.
Average birth weigh t in black rhinos is 35.5 kg and 62.7 kg in white rhinoceros. A newborn rhino should start nursing from its mom within the first five hours and will start grazing at around 2 months of age.
What is the difference between black and white rhino footprints? Save The Rhino.
Size is always a difficult criteria to differentiate on because most of the time you will not get a black rhino spoor conveniently placed next to a white rhino spoor to be able to compare which is larger. Adult white rhino spoor is considerably larger than blacks the width from the outside edge of the claws across the foot measuring as much as 30cm on the front foot and 25cm on the rear.

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